Only Trust Him

We have some very hospitable friends who monthly have a group in their home for a meal, Bible study and games. The group changes but there are six couples there most every time. Sunday night was the meeting.

Our discussion was the life of Joseph found in Genesis, focusing on chapter 45. We were amazed again by Joseph’s faith in God’s goodness and Word to him even though he had no idea how things would work out. We spoke of his words, “You meant it for evil, but God intended it for good, for the saving of many people.” and linked it to Romans 8:28.

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: who are called according to His purpose

Romans 8:28

This was followed by a rollicking game of Outburst; men against the women. You can just imagine the volume and good natured ribbing. Everyone was in high spirits. It was a fun night! There was not even a hint of impending danger.

Tuesday morning we received an urgent prayer request. One of the men had been found outside the Emergency Room with no pulse. Evidently he had driven himself there and passed out. They were trying to start the heart but had no idea how long it had been stopped.

Hours passed. Finally we heard the heart had started and he was breathing on his own. Transfer to a larger hospital.

Wednesday morning. The doctor is optimistic for recovery. The brain is the wildcard. We are praying for no damage to the brain; for faith and strength for the family.

The story is not finished but I’m believing God for good and asking Him for my earthly version of what that good would be – full, healthy recovery – healing. He is the Great Physician after all.

Life is so very fragile. There is no promise of what tomorrow will bring or for that matter, what the next five minutes will bring. God has a way of confronting us with that truth time after time. Be ready. Don’t postpone anything He asks of you. Live life to the full – abundantly. My friend is ready should that be God’s will, but we are not ready to let him go. There’s still so much for him to teach us. We trust God though we don’t see the end of the story. We believe in the goodness of God.

If you would take the time to pray for my friend, it would mean so much.